Old Style Southern Hoodoo, Rootwork and Conjure Course Class #1


Class 1 will be an introduction to Southern Traditional Hoodoo concepts and methodologies. This class is for beginner and intermediate practicioners who want to get further insight into the history of Hoodoo, those who helped to shape the history of hoodoo or as social media calls them the Hoodoo OG's, the Doctrine of Signatures, basic Hoodoo terminology, candle colors and the types of candles used in spell work (understanding the correct candle and color to use and why), and the metaphysics of Hoodoo. Understanding not just the how but the why. 

  • Class 1 will be held via Zoom and users will be able to ask questions and participate. Attendees will need to have Zoom installed on their pc, laptop or mobile phone in order to attend. 
  • Classes, for right now, will be held on Sunday's late afternoons and will last 3 hours and at times could possibly go over depending on discussions. 
  • If for some reason you miss the class, a link will be provided (via registered email address) after the live class where you will be able to watch if missed or to review again if you attended. If all possible, I ask that if you sign up please attend the live session. 

Classes are non refundable unless the class is cancelled and will also require a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to be signed and sent back prior to attending. 

Class #1 Outline:

  1. Introduction to Southern Traditional Hoodoo and a brief history
  2. Hoodoo OG's. People you should know about and why
  3. Understanding the Metaphysics of Hoodoo
  4. Terminology
  5. Understanding the Doctrine of Signatures and it's use in Hoodoo
  6. Understanding how to devise a spell for your condition
  7. Candle work in Hoodoo.

           -Exploring the different colors and how they can be used

           -Type of Candles; Figure, 7 day etc.

  1. Open discussion to review and to discuss the outline for Class #2


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