Black Candle Tobacco Oil

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Black Candle Tobacco oil is an older formula that has been used to help one to overcome impossible legal battles, to assist with influencing the judge and jury to find favor with you while taking away favor in your opponent’s case.  This blend is made with pure dark black tobacco, high john, and other herbs to help persuade and influence the judge and jury to your side.

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Tobacco was used by Native Americans for ceremonial use by burning to communicate with spirits and ancestors. Burning tobacco carries thoughts and prayers into the spirit world. Tobacco can also be used to communicate or have someone communicate with you, so it is good in workings where you are trying to get in touch with someone you have not heard from. This can be a past or former lover, friend, or family member. This can be done with candle work, sprinkling the oil or powder on a petition or a picture of the person or the oil would be best for rubbing on your phone to achieve communication as well and speaking out loud your intentions while burning the powder itself. The oil, along with the powder, is also good to wear on you on your court date. Anoint yourself with the oil and sprinkle the powder in your pocket with some salt. 

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