Controlling Incense

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Exodus 30:1
"And thou shalt make an altar to burn incense upon"
This is a self igniting incense (meaning you don't have to have charcoal to ignite it but can be burned on charcoal) used to compel a target or a situation to comply with your directions and commands in regards to their thougts, opinions and actions that they take on. Bring someone or a situation under your command allowing you to lead. Use to have that lasting, smoldering effect. Incense has been used for many centuries to carry your prayer/intent towards the heaven's or the universe to be granted. Master of the woods, Master Root, Bergamot and other controlling/dominating herbs and roots grinded to powder added to incense base. Bag ranges from 15g to 16g. 

  • Use with Bend over oil in various compelling/controlling rituals
  • Use to fumigate dolls, mojos, petitions and candles
  • Burn when the intended target is in the room
  • Take targets hair or personal effect and hold over incense and speak your commands and desires of them
  • Can be used for candle dressing
  • Use on charcoal with order commanding, compelling and controlling herbs