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What is the Setting of Lights?

Setting of Lights is a time-honored tradition that is offered to the community by an experienced practitioner where a client will inform a practitioner about their current situation and the practitioner will select and prepare a fixed candle to burn on their altar on the client's behalf.

Setting of Lights service is a spiritual procedure using the power of candles to target specific conditions to bring about changes in the said condition. This simple yet effective act involves a candle being selected, by you or the practitioner, which speaks to the condition that the client is seeking to change. A glass encased 7-day vigil candle will be prepared and dressed specifically for one's condition to bring about the changes that are desired. This is a very traditional way to have spiritual work done on your behalf or to add extra power of an experienced practitioner to any working that you may be doing.


What Setting of Lights is not?

The Setting of Lights service is not me taking on a personal case for you. The service is done for 7 days until the candle burns out and a candle burn report, with a photo, will be emailed to you with results of the burn. All candles are burned on my altar on your behalf, YOU WILL NOT BE RECEIVING A CANDLE BY MAIL. You will, however, receive a burn report once your candle has finished burning.


Why would you want to have Lights set for you?

There can be many reasons you may consider have lights set on your behalf:

  1. To back up your own work by having an experienced practitioner to work on your behalf as well
  2. To add pressure to a condition or a situation
  3. Living situation where one cannot or is unable to burn candles
  4. Living situation where any type of magical workings is not approved of
  5. Unable to leave candles burning unattended
  6. Obtaining spiritual support while obtaining your goals
  7. Lacking confidence, knowledge, or skill to perform your own work
  8. Not having to go purchase your own oils, herbs, and candles


How is this done?

After the client submits form information and selects the appropriate candle for his/her condition, I will start the service on one's behalf. The candle will be cleansed and prepared with my own personal oils, medicines, roots & herbs that resonates with the clients end goal. The prayers will awaken the spirits of nature that are within the medicines, oils, roots, and herbs so that they can assist with manifesting your desired goal. I will pray over the candle prior to lighting it to impregnate it with necessary power and to bring force to bear on the situation in question to grant your petition. The aid of the Divine will be called upon asking for grace to be shown to the situation/condition petitioned for. Depending on the condition, planetary hours and days may be incorporated. All of this will "program" the candle to manifest a specific outcome for you. The candle is now fixed and ready to go.



Your petition is the most important part of this service. It will give the working momentum and direction and will be the driving force of the vigil being set for you. It is very imperative to consider the focus or outcome you are wanting to achieve before submitting your petition. There will be a section within the form you will submit for your petition, and you also have the option to write out a petition yourself and take a photo of the petition within the form to be submitted. PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR PETITION! Your petition will need to be short and sweet with a formal statement of the desired END GOAL. Be very specific and direct and avoid statements such as "I don't have" "I don't want but". In the petition area, please do not go into a whole story of how and why, that area is just for your direct petition of what you want to obtain, the end goal. There is a description of your situation in the form where this can be explained but make it brief. So again, in the petition area please stay concise and to the point. Good example for a well written petition for a job:

"I have a fantastic job in IT making $75,000 a year with 3 weeks paid vacation a year and great benefits with a short commute!"

This position is written in a positive tone, states what is desired and does not state what you do not want and is in present tense. The petition will be prepared with your formal statement of assured expectation along with your name or the name of the person the candle is being prepared for. If you are sending a photo of your own petition for me to use, please keep this in mind.



Photos are optional but will add more power to the work. Photos are great for Come to Me candles due to how I will set the candle up so I will need a photo of you and the target. If you are sending photos via file upload, please be sure to rename the photos with the name of yourself and the target. I ask that you send no more than three photos and preferably in .jpg format. You will have an option within the form to upload a photo from your phone or pc or you can take a picture of photos and petitions within the form to be submitted.


Burn Report

When the candle has completed burning, the client will receive an report with a photo and an observation aka Burn Report on how the candle burned. There will be times when the client's candle observation will show difficulties and I may suggest an additional burn to be able to achieve the greatest possibility for success. The candles burn anywhere from 5 to 7 days and a burn report will be sent within 7 to 14 days once the candle completes. So please allow up to 14 days from the purchase of your service. I ask that you allow the candle to fully burn and for me to access the report and get it emailed over to you. Please do not email or contact asking for updates during this time. If for any reason there is a delay, due to volume, to you receiving your burn report you will be contacted by email to be advised and when to expect the report. All reports will be delivered to the email that is provided on the form. Candle report analysis can include size of flame, black or white soot, wax residue left inside glass, cracked/shattered glass, low flame, weak burn, fast burn etc. The burn report will include a before and after picture of the candle.



The set price for my Setting of Light service is $50. I am charging for the candle, constructing the petition (I will construct a petition to go along with a petition you provided as well), using personally crafted oils, tinctures and formulas, roots, herbs, dirt’s, and powders along with prayer during the burn. Also, for observation and the delivery of the Candle Burn Report after the candle has finished.


Instructions for Purchasing Setting of Lights



Below you can select to purchase the Setting of Lights. Please do so and check out. Return to this page and CLICK HERE to be directed to the Setting of Lights form. Here is where your information will be input, you will be able to briefly describe your condition and submit your petition and any photos and choose the type of candle you would like for me to burn on my altar on your behalf.



Setting of Lights Submission Form




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