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***Please read instructions below in RED***


Tarot does not predict or tell the future but instead it offers confirmation to your intuition which then leads you to aligned action. Tarot readings are designed to advise you the energy that is around a situation whether it be past, present or future to assist you in understanding things such as where you were, where you are now and the possible outcome or influences that are ahead of you. Things tarot can answer is what may you need to Release and Retain, what are your Assets and Hindrances, advice from the universe as far as what you need to know, the perspective you may need to take and what action will need to be taken to acheive the most favorable outcome. I will be the first to tell you, unlike many, I am not God. I am not soverign. I can only communicate with you what I see in the cards or that I hear from spirit. I can communicate with and advise you of the energy that is around your situations and possible outcomes. If that door opens up for you, it's up to you to be open and have the ability to see it and open that door and take the step! 

Please be very consise about your question.

Don't ask "What is my boyfriend doing?"

Instead try "I notice my boyfriend acts different around certain people, what is the energy around that?"

Email readings are for 1 situation or question only. 

Email readings do not need to be booked. You will need to put your email address in the "Special Instructions to the Seller" box along with your name and DOB and allow up to 48 hours to receive the reading on your question via email. If upon receiving your reading and you decide you need more insight, please book a phone reading.