Vencedor Oil

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Vencedor translated meaning "Victorious" or "Winner". This herb has been used to assist one in any situation where you need to come out victorious. This oil is made with the plant Vencedor, Master of the Woods and a few other herbs to declare victory over people or situations. 


Can be used to assist with luck in gambling. Great additon to Has no Hanna

Can be used to assist in Court or Legal Situations. Great additon with Court Case oil and Black Candle tobacco

Can be used to help assist with obtaining a job or promotion especially when there are other canditates you are up against. Great paired with Job oil and Crown of Success

Can be used with Song of Solomon or any love oil/workings of your choice to come out victorious

Can be used with Bend Over and Power and Mastery to be victorious in asserting your will over others


~I make no guarantees and products are sold as a curio only~

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