Flaming Power Powder

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Flaming Power Powder

Makes you more exciting to the opposite sex. Says to use with great care, overuse can excite your lover to a highly possessive and jealous state.

  • This powder can be used to sprinkle in the bedroom or area to get your target in the mood.

  • This powder can be used in any situation where you need to be noticed or to gain attention.

  • Dust on body or resumes/cover letters when applying for employment

  • Use on candles, mojos, petitions

This powder is made with the traditional recipe with my special ingredient, Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant Flower.

Flamboyant Flower helps us to go out on a limb and request things we normally wouldn't request. Instead of being nervous or feeling like we're "making a big deal," Royal Poinciana allows us to feel we deserve the best and more—and gives us the strength to go after it.

"Flamboyant," a synonym for exuberant, confident, lively, animated, vibrant, stylish and vivacious (this gives you a clue into what the flower is for).

This fiery flower essence also helps us with boundary setting, making sure we don't play small or get taken advantage of. It encourages us to be direct, forthright and bold in both our communications and actions. It helps us be more in tune with our wildest aspirations and awakens a deep conviction that we can make them real.

  • Magnifies: Clarity, decisiveness, sharpness, laser focus for attaining goals; asking for what you want without hesitation; thinking big, taking on challenges, "whatever it takes" conviction

  • Dissolves: Lack of clarity, dullness, lackadaisical (or lazy) attitude; meekness, timidity, lack of self-worth or deep-seated patterns of “I don’t deserve ..."; unworthiness, shame

Royal poinciana is different than this. It proudly blooms throughout the summers and stands still and alone like a king, meaning and symbolizing pride.

Just like Jericho rose, the Flamboyant Tree can also survive droughts, storms, and salty conditions. Its roots remain submerged in water and never let the plant die.

In this way, it symbolizes hope. It gives you a new meaning of life that there is still hope even if you think it is over.

Flamboyant Tree grows so tall and has a solid trunk that offers a great shade and lets you enjoy summer afternoons and evenings while resting under a cool place.

Therefore, it also symbolizes rest and tranquility.



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